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What is Cold Cream

Most of us might have heard about cold cream while growing up.

Cold creams have always been around and we have seen our mothers use them..

These creams were one of the first beauty products used by women and were generally associated with the winter season.

What is Cold Cream?

Cold creams are an emulsification of oil and water which is the reason they get easily absorbed in the skin just like any other water-based cream.

Cold cream also has other ingredients including a thickening agent and emulsifier that prevents absorption of cold cream beneath the upper layer of the skin.

It acts as a barrier between the environment and your skin, preventing the loss of moisture from the skin which again prevents the skin from becoming dry during winters.

Why Should You Use Cold Cream?

Cold creams can be part of skin routine at the day as well as night time. Many of us might be struggling with dry and flaky skin in the winter season.

Instead of running to the drugstore and trying different chemical combinations, you can give the cold cream a try. It is heavy in texture and will protect against any moisture loss from the skin.

Try applying cold cream twice a day in winter season to see the difference it creates.

Cold Cream Benefits:

Cold creams have many advantages, such as

  1. Better Skin Quality

Cold creams are perfect for winters for it restores the hydration of the skin. Regular use will make the skin supple and soft. Many of the cold creams come with formulas safe for the skin.

  1. Dry Skin Treatment

The hydration restoration property makes it an ideal cream for people with dry and itchy skin. They can use it in winters to make the skin soft and moist.

  1. Full Body Applications

Cold creams are perfect for application to the full body including the lips. They are a great alternative to lip balms and moisturizers. You can take this one cream for travels and journeys.

Why Choose Zymo Moisturizing Cold Cream?

Zymo moisturizing cold cream is a lightweight, non-greasy formula that easily absorbs in the skin.

It contains natural ingredients such as vitamin E and Avocado oil that hydrate the skin and keep it soft.

It is free from parabens, colorants, and other ingredients with harmful effects on the skin.

Zymo Cosmetics is one of the best private label skincare manufacturers. You can get the cold cream and other products with your brand name from us. As a body lotion manufacturer, we have developed unique formulas for every skin type and weather.

We are also one of the leading beauty product manufacturers and you can get every kind of beauty product from us including herbal products.

We can help you with establishing a brand name in the beauty products industry with our wide range of products.

Contact us today to own a list of beauty products for your brand with your formula.

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