Zymo Hand Sanitizer

Zymo Hand Sanitizer

Private Label Manufacturing - Indian & Overseas OTC Market

Zymo Hand Sanitizer is IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) based hand sanitizer. IPA is most popularly used as disinfectant and sanitizing agent in hospitals, laboratories and other medical & clinical industries. Zymo Hand Sanitizer, containing higher concentration of IPA, kills germs instantly, without water. It is quick and easy way to sanitize your hands anytime anywhere. It is more hygienic to use than bar soap. This Hand Sanitizer is also available under private label manufacturing for our client with required modifications.

Features & Advantages

  • Contains higher concentration of IPA to disinfect and sanitize your hands with maximum germ protection.
  • Quick & Easy to use anywhere and without water.
  • Kills germs instantly.
  • Contains pleasant fragrance to eliminate bad odors from your hands.
  • Key Ingredients : Isopropyl Alcohol (67%)
  • Brand Name : Zymo
  • Common Name(s) : Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer Gel, Hand Disinfectant, Sanitizer Gel
  • Form : Sanitizer Gel
  • Available Sizes : 200 ml
  • Certifications : FDCA (Gujarat, India) Approved
  • Market Presence : Indian & Overseas OTC Market.
  • Manufactured For : Zymo Cosmetics, India (Also available under Your Own Brand with Private Label Manufacturing)

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