Hand Sanitizer IPA Based

Hand Sanitizer IPA Based

Third Party Manufacturing - Indian Prescription Based Derma Market

This IPA based Hand Sanitizer is being manufactured under third party manufacturing basis for the prescription-based derma market. This hand sanitizer which kills germs and protect from bacteria is manufactured by Zymo Cosmetics under third-party manufacturing basis to cater the requirements of the Indian derma market segment. This IPA based Hand Sanitizer has been manufactured as per the quality and packaging requirements of the brand owner and the same has been used for free distribution among the doctors as a promotional campaign of their prominent skin whitening product range under the brand name of Ethiglo.

Features & Advantages

  • Kills upto 99.99% germs from Hands
  • Required less time than washing hands with water and soap.
  • More hygienic than bar soap.
  • Kills most bacteria and stop some viruses.
  • Quick, easy and convenient way to keep your hands sanitized at any place.
  • Key Ingredients : Isopropyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol.
  • Brand Name : Ethiglo
  • Common Name(s) : Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer Gel, Hand Disinfectant, Sanitizer Gel.
  • Form : Sanitizer Gel
  • Available Sizes : 200 ml
  • Certifications : FDCA (Gujarat, India) Approved
  • Market Presence : Indian Prescription Based Derma Market
  • Manufactured For : Ethinext Pharma, India under third party manufacturing basis.

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