Antiperspirant Gel Roll On

Antiperspirant Gel Roll On

Third Party Manufacturing - Indian Prescription Based Derma Market

This Antiperspirant roll on product is formulated in gel base under third party manufacturing basis. The product is known to effectively control the perspiration and helps in eliminating odor. The antiperspirant product is being manufactured by zymo cosmetics under contract manufacturing basis for one of our clients.

Features & Advantages

  • Highly effective antiperspirant formula to control excessive perspiration
  • Effectively kills odor causing germs and help controlling odor of perspiration
  • Packed in convenient roll on pack.
  • The gel base does not leave white residue after the application of the product.
  • The formula is being prescribed by the dermatologists in India.
  • Key Ingredients : Aluminium, Chloride, Hexahydrate
  • Brand Name : Sweatnil
  • Common Name(s) : Roll On Deodorant, Roll On Antiperspirant, Antiperspirant Gel, Deodorant Gel
  • Form : Gel
  • Available Sizes : 50 ml
  • Certifications : FDCA (Gujarat, India) Approved
  • Market Presence : Indian Prescription Based Derma Market
  • Manufactured For : Ethinext Pharma, India under Third Party manufacturing basis

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