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Most common advertisements that you see in the market belong to the cosmetic industry. It is a multi-billion-dollar industry and seems to be evolving all the time. One of the common questions that, occasionally, crops in our mind is what are the components that fall in the category of cosmetics. How these cosmetics are made...
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Much as we speak regarding modern cosmetics, it is also obvious that the actual usage of cosmetics started a long way back in time wherein natural ingredients were used to ensure that beautification occurred. The modern industry had started a long time back and has advanced in the direction of creating more and better combinations...
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The world of beauty and cosmetics has changed a lot over the last few decades. The last half-century can be claimed as the years of renaissance and the total turnaround can be observed in the way beauty and cosmetics are considered. From a very basic beauty industry to this complex cosmetic industry – the journey...
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The cosmetic market in India has been growing with a CAGR of 17.06% for over 5 years. It is stated that the size of India Cosmetics Industry, globally is $274 billion, whereas in India it is 4.6 billion. According to the industry sources, it is estimated that the industry is to grow 20% per annum....
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Zymo Cosmetics

Zymo Cosmetics is India based leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Beauty Products. We are involved in Development & Production of many innovative and trending formulations in Cosmetics, Ayurvedic and Herbal base. We provide a complete Spec-To-Product solution under one roof. Know More...




Zymo Cosmetics
Zymo Cosmetics
#ZymoCosmetics is taking strong stand against #COVID19 #CoronaVirus. We have been running a series of corona awareness sessions to spread awareness among staff & workers. We are constantly educating our employees about what to do and what not to do to keep themselves protected from getting infected by #Corona.
We implemented an internal advisory and made some regulations to follow for all.
-> All shall #sanitize their hands before entering the factory premises.
-> All shall wash their hands frequently at-least once every two hours.
-> All shall wash their hands after using washrooms.
-> All shall sanitise their hands again before returning to work after taking lunch and tea breaks.
-> Supervisors are instructed to monitor workers to habituate them avoid touching their face frequently.
-> Bottles of #sanitisers are placed at various places in the premises, so employees can sanitise their hands as and when required.
-> A bottle of #sanitiser is put at the reception counter and receptionist is strictly instructed to sanitise his hands frequently and each time after receiving any courier or packet.
-> Goods receiving personals are instructed to sanitise or wash their hands each time after completing receipt of any goods.
-> Visitors are encouraged to sanitise their hands when they enter the premises.
-> Employees are advised to stay home and to avoid going out except for any unavoidable work after going to home.
-> Employees are strongly advised to stay protected at home as well and to make their family members follow protective measures as well.
-> Freely distributed a bottle of 200 ml #HandSanitiser to each employee so they can maintain sanitising habits at home as well.

Do you or your organization follow a similar kind of advisory at your workplace? Share your views in comments.
Also share your inputs that you think we should take in addition to above steps.
Your comments are welcome……


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